Brite Star

Serving Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Laredo, Edinburg, McAllen, Victoria, Alice,
and the Surrounding Areas since 1955.


The Largest Locally-Owned Independent Uniform Service in South Texas.

Family Owned & Operated – Since 1955

Being Local and Family Owned in the service business means all the difference in the world!

Established in 1955, Brite Star Uniforms provides uniforms, mats, and linen service throughout South Texas. Operated by second and third generation owners, Brite Star’s focus is on top quality uniform service, accurate delivery, dependable repairs, and fair billing . Brite Star provides a level of service our chain-company competitors simply have been unable to match.
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When you are ready to enjoy the advantages of trading with a local family-owned business, we have a process to make the switch easy.

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Automotive – Transportation
Restaurants – Hospitality
Government – Health Care – Security
Manufacturing – Tool & Machining
Service Industries
HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical
Energy – Oil & Gas


Specialists In:
FRC – Flame Resistant Clothing

Guaranteed Delivery

How It Works

Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in time and money in perfecting the level of service we provide our customers.
A key component of Brite Star’s service program is our Guaranteed Deliveries.

At Brite Star, we install a UHF-RFID tracking chip in every garment. All dirty uniforms are scanned directly off our trucks thru an UHF-RFID portal. Then utilizing that same UHF-RFID chip they are sorted utilizing a state of the art fully automated sorting system that eliminates the possibility of human error.

Then, before leaving our plant each wearer’s bundle is scanned once again to ensure that it is complete before it leaves our facility ensuring a Guaranteed Delivery to every customer.



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ASN National Uniform Coverage

National Coverage thru Apparel Services Network

Apparel Services Network (ASN) is comprised of independent industrial laundry operators whose core competencies align to provide the marketplace with best-in-class customer service and products for reusable textiles programs. Combined network serves nearly 90,000 businesses across the United States. More about Apparel Services Network