Brite Star

Guaranteed Deliveries

You can depend on us every week.

Brite Star values the investment our customers make in their uniform program. For most of our customers, a uniform is a necessary part of their business operations. We hold ourselves accountable each week to ensure all of the uniforms we process are returned. This is how we do it.


Step 1

An RFID chip is installed in every uniform.

At Brite Star we install an RFID chip in every uniform. This allows us to do what many others find difficult – track every uniform that comes in and out of our facility. It even allows us to track each uniform as it flows thru various processes throughout our facility.

Step 2

Dirty uniforms are scanned into our plant.

Dirty uniforms are rolled straight off our delivery trucks into an RFID portal, allowing us to scan everything that comes into our plant with 100% accuracy before the uniforms are handled. Everything that is scanned in must go back to our customer the following delivery.

Step 3

Washing and finishing

After sorted by fabric type, dirty uniforms are processed in our state of the art automated wash aisle. Executive and embroidered logo wear are washed and pressed separately in our dedicated retail laundry and dry cleaners. Once finished, all uniforms are off to the next step.

Step 4

Into the automation system

Once on a hanger, uniforms are placed on a conveyor and enter our fully automated sorting system. From here, the computer takes over and routes the uniforms everywhere they need to go.

Step 5

In line repairs

There are many ways to flag uniforms to be repaired, including a repair app available for your phone. About 90% of the repairs we complete are discovered and flagged by our teams in the dirty uniform sorting and finishing lines. Once flagged, the automation system kicks the uniforms out at the designated repair station and tracks it through the process.

Step 6

Automated Sorting

Brite Star’s fully automated sorting system uses the latest and most up to date technology in the industry. Once a garment is placed on it’s hanger, the computerized sort system takes over with 100% accuracy eliminating all human error. This ensures our customers have the best experience every week.

Step 7

The extra mile

Any company can buy automation systems. At Brite Star, we have chosen to be different and hold ourselves accountable. We use our automated processes to ensure every uniform that came in is out for delivery. If a missing garment got hung up in rewash or repairs, we find it to make the order complete. If for any reason we can’t find a uniform, we replace it at our cost before the route leaves.